Ductkraft Solar solutions was established in the year 2000 and are well versed in the domain of Residential, Commercial & Industrial Solar Solutions.

We have a well expert team of technicians and Engineers who are well versed in this domain.The design and Consulting team undertakes all kinds of Consulting and integration of new technologies for harnessing the Solar energy to the maximum capacity.

We mainly undertake Consulting and Project Execution for Roof top Solar Systems and Solar Farm projects for large scale productions.

Our Main Systems include:







On Grid Solar system is a type of Solar system in which generates electricity and at the same time connected to the power supply grid.This makes sure you have always power available regardless of the weather or any other adverse condition which can hinder the power generation through the solar systems.Also you can supply your excess power to the grid whenever not required.

In Grid set up the Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity and Inverters turn DC electricity to AC .

Using a Energy Flow meters you can measure how much power you are utilizing and how much power you are supplying to the Utility Grids after your requirement.

This will help us to earn money by supplying power to the utility company and at the same time reducing the burden of Power bills.



Off Grid Solar system is a type of Solar system which is completely disconnected from the main power grid lines.Here we uses a bank of Batteries for storing the power generated from the Solar systems.During the day time ,when the sunlight is available,power is generated and saved in the batteries.During the night time power stored in the batteries are used.


How this Works ?

A Solar panel converts the light energy into DC Electricity.

A CHARGE  Controller is used to control the power which is saved in to the Batteries.

Batteries will save the power during the day time.

Using a Solar inverter the DC Power saved in the batteries are converted into AC Electricity and the same is used for the load.

When compared to the On grid model ,this is quite expensive due to the Batteries involved for storage purpose.



The Hybrid Solar system charges the battery banks using both Grid as well the solar system during the daylight.If the day light is not available to produce power ,the the system will use the Grid for charging the batteries.

The system will automatically switch between the Grid and Solar system.


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